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Olaplex Stylist Kit


Stylist Kit
Insurance for your clients hair.
Perfect for on the go
Contains everything you need to start selling this amazing service;
1x No.1 Bond Multiplier 100ml
2x No.2 Bond Perfector 100ml
1x Measuring Funnel
1x Instructions For Use

Olaplex® is a revolutionary in-salon system that seeks out and helps to permanently rebuild any damaged disulphide bonds within the hair, those very same bonds that give elasticity and strength to the hair. These bonds can break during chemical processes, particularly during colouring, relaxing, keratin treatments and perming. They can also be damaged with the use of thermal heated tools.

This chemistry has never been seen before and opens up brand new possibilities in hairdressing colour variations and until Olaplex® nothing has been able to actually re-link the broken bonds.

How to use
Olaplex is easy to use, if you bear in mind the 3 golden rules and you must follow the instructions carefully
1. Only ever use 4 mix ratios 1ml, 2ml, 4ml or 15ml of Bond Multiplier in an application, the measurements are scientific and must be respected.
2. Always increase developer level by 10 volume/ 1 full level when using with bleach
3. Continue to watch for processing and development time

For more information on how to use Olaplex please book onto an Aston & Fincher training session, in the mean time download the Olaplex APP on your smart phone and watch all the educational videos

Olaplex Stylist Kit Olaplex Stylist Kit

A maximum of three of these products can be bought online at any one time. To purchase more please enquire using the 'contact us' form. Olaplex products are not included in VAT free sales.

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