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Color Wow The Last Straw

How to revive dried, fried, over-dyed hair

It’s often a by-product of colour processing. Unfortunately, dehydrated, straw-like hair is one of the major “unintended consequences” of frequent hair colouring.

Healthy virgin (un-coloured) hair strands have a natural outer “lipid layer” that surrounds each hair with moisture, keeps the cuticles smooth and flat, lubricates to give strands friction-free swing and sway.

Over time, hair colour chemicals can degrade the lipid layer, leaving hair dry, rough and motionless. Dr. Joe Cincotta, Color Wow chief chemist, product developer and in-house hair healer says, “Don’t despair…Now you can repair that hair!”

Dr. Joe’s prescriptive solution: Color Wow Coconut Cocktail…. a leave-in supplement, engineered to bring back the smooth slip and shine of healthy virgin hair. The secret sauce – coconut oil and 18 MEA which mimics the degraded outer translucent layer of each hair strand.

“This is my go-to shine product, in fact, I won’t do a blowout without it. It moisturises dry hair using coconut oil — your brush will slide through your hair with ease — leaving you with a smooth and soft finish. I just apply a quarter-size amount to my palms and work it through freshly shampooed and conditioned hair before blow drying as usual.”
— Eric Smith, a stylist at the renowned Serge Normant Salon in NYC told