Our modern slavery statement

Aston & Fincher is a wholesaler and distributor and as such relies on a supply chain that is almost exclusively supplying complete products and finished items. This means that apart from a very few exceptions we do not buy in components or raw materials.

Our suppliers range from some of the largest and most well-known personal care manufacturers to very small, unique item manufacturers. In terms of assessing for modern slavery malpractice and due diligence, there is no single approach, each supplier has to be looked at on its own.

The global companies in our supply chain have their own policies in place. We have reviewed their policies and read their statements. These companies include L’Oréal, Coty, Unilever, Kao, and Henkel.

As we look at smaller manufacturers, we work hard to ensure that we are dealing with morally sound businesses. We always take up on the offer of factory visits, and in nearly every instance we have been impressed and reassured. In my career I have visited the Moroccanoil factory where I was incredibly impressed with their working environment and social program. I have visited Italian colour manufacturers, Italian furniture manufacturers, British professional goods manufacturers, British foil manufacturers and other suppliers from our supply chain. Only once have I been disappointed and that was fifteen years ago on a factory visit to China looking at a potential supplier. I was very unhappy with the working conditions, and though it was seen as disrespectful, I cut my visit short and walked out. Naturally we refused to deal with that company.

We now use a trusted agent to visit every factory in China that we intend to deal with. This is not a significant part of our supply chain, but we do buy salon furniture and plastic tools and accessories, and we want to ensure that good working practices as well as appropriate quality controls are in place. Our product team know that as a company we place great importance on integrity and values, and they have that in mind when sourcing products or appraising suppliers. We have an excellent reputation in the professional industry that we are proud of. This does mean that we want to ensure that every aspect of our business and how we do business is thoughtful, morally sound and appropriate. Our training program has our values at its forefront and team members are encouraged to contribute on ways to improve how we run our business. This open feedback can cover any aspect of Aston & Fincher including the supply chain.

The other shareholders and the Directors of the business fully understand and appreciate our values and are committed to ensuring that Aston & Fincher has a supply chain and working procedures that prevent modern slavery practices taking place.

Oliver Fincher

Managing Director

April 2019