Framesi Framcolor Extra Charge Pigments

Framesi Extra Charge

Discover FRAMCOLOR EXTRA CHARGE, for a perfect colour

A ready-to-use pigment with no ammonia, amines or alcohol
Framesi Extra Charge

Lasting up to 10 washes, FRAMCOLOR EXTRA CHARGE is a ready-to-use pigment to colour boost, tone or refresh hair colour, with no ammonia, amines and alcohol.

It requires no developer and is ready-to-use: simply apply directly to hair or mix with shampoo or a mask.

Its exclusive technology provides a delicate, pH6, conditioning, protective formula that leaves hair smooth, hydrated, soft and shiny.


- Ready-to-use pigments

- Perfect results for all hair types

- Up to 50% more vibrancy on existing colour

- Lasts up to 10 washes

- Creamy texture, pigmented gel, easy to apply

- 6 shades that can be mixed together

- Sharp ginger and pear fragrance

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