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Rapid Highlighting - 5 Levels of Tone and Lift in only 12 minutes

Bleaching and toning is massive business at the moment and NXT hadn’t got a product until now that does both in a single process. This is a fantastic addition to the NXT family. We now have the opportunity to offer to our colour customers the ability to bleach and tone in one go…and in just 12 minutes!

NXT TLC is an off scalp highlighting system that provides up to 5 levels of lift. In one easy process it tones the hair whilst lifting, allowing you to create multi-tonal highlights - all in up to 12 minutes. It can be used on natural or previously coloured hair.

TLC is a simple system, one lightening powder, two activator strengths and 5 pigments, meaning you’re free to fully customise your colour results.

So, in’s time and cost saving as there’s no need to tone after bleaching.

The stylist can create a multitude of tonal highlights and fully customise the colour results they’re looking to achieve.

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