My Career with Aston and Fincher

Steve Wickes, Hall Green Territory Manager

Steve Wickes

Hi, I’m Steve Wickes.

I’ve been with the company for two years and before that I worked for AKS Hair & Beauty. I transferred to Aston and Fincher when AKS became part of Aston and Fincher's portfolio.

No two days are ever the same here and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

As a Territory Manager my main task is to visit current and new customers in their salons to help them grow their business with the best hair and beauty products within the industry, education, consultation and above all the best equipment and knowledgable Territory Managers within the industry. The support I get from my Regional Manager (Marie Kendall), the Senior Management and the head office team can not be beaten. I strongly believe the customer comes first and with all my ‘tools’ this helps my customers to allow their customers to come first.

In my 32 years of working, in both larger and smaller organisations, I can honestly say I have never worked with a more dedicated team.

Aston & Fincher are a family business and each member of the team is part of that family.

My role is not just a job it’s a career and a pleasure.


Paul Spilling, National Sales Training Manager

Paul Spilling

Hi, I’m Paul Spilling.

I’ve been with the company thirteen years and before moving to my current role, I was the Territory Manager for the M1 corridor, looking after Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, Luton and Coventry stores over those years. When I first applied for the job, it was more about the industry that I’d heard so much about that made me go for it. As soon as I was welcomed into the company I realised what a brilliant decision I’d made.

The Territory Manager's role was one of determination, drive, relationships and teamwork. All the teamwork was helped with planning and organisation and with support from all members of the company, made it more enjoyable. I have always had a drive for sales and with my communication skills (always talking), makes working for the company a pleasure.

In my current role I am responsible for coaching and helping the sales force with their daily planning, organising and appointments. Whether it's helping Territory Managers with their calls, planning, procedures and product knowledge to simply an arm around the shoulder, I’m there for them all. I work closely with the four Regional Managers, who advise me on the Territory Managers that would benefit from my help.

I absolutely love my role and see every day as a new challenge, as dealing with many different personalities makes me aware of people's needs and developments. If I can help make a Territory Manager succeed more, then I feel a better sense of achievement. Working my way up within the company has been personally challenging, but that’s what makes working with Aston and Fincher so enjoyable and keeps me grounded. If you work hard then you will achieve your goals and the progression that you want can follow.

James Winnington, Office Administrator

James Winnington

Hi, I’m James Winnington

I'm an office admin here at Aston and Fincher.

I have been with the company for around two and a half years now and there is never a dull moment! What I like about my job is that I wake up every morning knowing as soon as I get into the office, I’ll be greeted with many friendly faces allowing the job to be so much more enjoyable.

I used to partake in an apprenticeship in AAT here at A and F; everyone was always eager to help guide me in the right direction, whether it was with college work or office work, which always helped with the stress that can come with learning and working at the same time.

If I had to recommend someone to having an apprenticeship here, it would not be a hard task. There are so many pros and so little cons, it would be silly not to leap for this great opportunity.

I loved having my apprenticeship here, hopefully you will too.

Stefan Howard, I.T. Manager 

Stefan Howard

Hi, I’m Stefan Howard, I.T. Manager

I enjoy the responsibility of maintaining and making sure all computer equipment, programs etc. are running as normal so users can complete their daily tasks without interruption. This includes maintenance of servers, PCs, laptops, Office365 and much more.

I originally joined Aston and Fincher on an apprenticeship scheme in 2007 which allowed me to complete my course while gaining hands-on experience of operating in a working environment. After 3 months they informed me that they wanted to keep me full time and the rest is history.

I never thought originally that more than a decade after joining that I’ll still be here but after having nothing but positive memories and good things to say about the company I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else!

With Aston and Fincher being a family run business, you will quickly feel a part of that family and have no regrets about joining the company.

No matter your level of experience, you will have the opportunity to progress and grow into a role that you may have never thought of taking up before.