Effortless Elegance!


NXT Red Before


NXT Red After


NXT Red Step 3

A blonde face frame with straight hair creates a timeless and effortlessly chic look. This style exudes a modern, versatile and polished vibe, highlighting the simplicity and elegance of the overall appearance.


Keep It Classic
Break up a brunette block colour with hand-painted pieces for that light-reflecting effect.

Make it Contemporary
Add a golden money piece that will really make people take note.

Natural Base: 4-0
White: 0
Texture: Coarse and curly
Existing colour. Natural hair at a level 4.


Step 1
The hair was sectioned from the parting area to behind the ear,
at the point of the occipital bone to create a face frame section. This section is bold to ensure that the face frame is visible in the end result as the model has abundant hair.

Step 2
Using Pro-tech Bleach 35g + Cream Developer 6% 70g, the first 2 foils are microweaved (baby-light) and teased-weaved to blur the root area.

Step 3
This is repeated though the front section with slices, that are teased.

Step 4
The hair is then globally coloured using Demi 5-0 60g + 6-75 20g + 160g Oxidising Cream Releaser. This is applied roots to ends over all of the remaining hair and developed for 20 minutes.

Step 5
Following development, the global colour is rinsed and the micro-lights were removed.

The hair is washed using IQ Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. The hair is towel dried prior to toning, a porosity spray was applied to even out the cuticle condition in preparation for the colour application.

NXT Demi 9-13 60g + Oxidising Cream Releaser 120g, is applied to the pre-lightened sections of hair and developed for 20 minutes.
This is then removed, shampooed and conditioned.

Step 6
The hair is styled to creating a smooth finish.


NXT Products Used:
■ Pro-tech Bleach
■ Cream Developer 6%
■ Demi 5-0
■ Demi 9-13
■ Demi 6-75
■ Oxidising Cream Releaser 1.5%