NXT Red Before


NXT Red After


NXT Red Step 3

Toner Ice / Irises Steel
Natural Base: 5-0
White: 0
Texture: Medium
Existing colour – ends have grown out balayage, level 7 with a gold tone.


Step 1
The hair was pre-treated with a porosity spray to balance porosity of the cuticle. The hair is sectioned into 4.

Step 2
Starting at the back section using Pro-tech Bleach 35g + Cream Developer 6% 70g in very fine, micro weaved, highlights were put in foil. There are very small sections of hair left between each foil to create high saturation of colour.

Step 3
This is repeated through the side areas, using Pro-tech Bleach 35g + Cream Developer 9% 70g to assist with balancing the lift at the back. The hair not within the foil is teased and balayaged with Pro-tech Bleach + Cream Developer 9% to provide further lift and an overall brighter end result. This creates a ‘foilage’ effect. These sections were wrapped in foil for added incubation.

Step 4
The back section of foils were removed first, to maintain the hair’s integrity. The hair is shampooed with silverising shampoo, towel dried and then treated with a porosity spray prior to toning.

Step 5
NXT Toner 10-21 100g + Cream Releaser 1.5% 200g applied over the pre-lightened areas and processed for 20 minutes. A ‘root tap’ was applied with NXT Toner 8-12 60g +120g 1.5% Cream Releaser, for the last 10 minutes of the processing time.

Step 6
The toner is removed using shampoo and conditioner. The hair is then styled using a blow-dry spray and finished with a serum.


NXT Products Used:
■ Pro-tech Bleach
■ Cream Developer 6%
■ Cream Developer 9%
■ Oxidising Cream Releaser 1.5%
■ Toner 10-21
■ Toner 8-12