Salon Furniture Leasing

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Don’t let worries about finance hold you back from creating the salon of your dreams!

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook looking for inspiration for your own salon? Looked at a property and imagined how your salon would look, but been held back by thought of the upfront cost? If so, then why not lease?

Leasing is a cost effective, tax efficient way to invest in furniture without a large capital outlay. It’s an affordable way to retain cash-flow within your business whilst still allowing you to get the furniture you want at a price you can afford! 

Why buy cheap, poorly made furniture that you will have to replace, when you can buy well-built designer furniture first time at an affordable prices.

Reasons to lease

Control Cashflow – Fixed monthly payments throughout lease agreement

It’s your Furniture – You own the furniture at the end of the lease period.

Tax Advantages – The lease payments are a business expense and therefore are eligible for tax relief.

Spread The Cost – Spreading the cost of the furniture makes it easier to purchase the best products first time. No need to compromise!

Example below is based on a typical 8 position salon

£10,000 furniture order cost’s just £1,79 per day… or less than a price of a cup of coffee!

Here’s how:

- Number of Styling Positions 8

- Payment £286 per month

- £286/20 average working days per month = £14.30 per day

- £14.30/8 styling positions = £1.79

To find out more please speak to your local Aston & Fincher Store Manager at 0345 201 0825 or send us an enquiry below.