Framesi Framcolor Glamour

Pre-blended permanent colour with ultimate coverage delivering amazing results!

Framcolor Glamour gives you the ability to create fashionable shades and vivid results with ease, all while protecting the hair.

  • • 100% white coverage
  • • Lightens up to 5 levels
  • • Mixing Ratio 1:1
  • • Large 100ml tube
  • • 30-35 minutes processing time
  • • Enriched with 18MEA
  • • Uniform results from top to bottom

Protective Coverage Technology

18-MEA lipid is a fatty substance naturally present in hair. During normal chemical services, it tends to decrease. Framcolor Glamour, enriched with 18-MEA lipid, replaces the depleted 18-MEA lipid guaranteeing

  • • Stronger colour adhesion
  • • Deeper colour penetration
  • • Hair is returned to a healthy, shiny, natural state
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